Colored Stripes (Image Wall)

  • Theme: Lines of Life
  • Date: December, 2015


Creating Lines based on daily surroundings. Lines were free to compose with own strokes and tunes of colours. I never try with plans, whether the lines drove me travel through them.A single journey became a piece of artwork, a part of life at every end;sometimes in the form of painting and sometimes in paintings.

Color of Lines...

Introduced with lines, I started with colour pens on papers; later on, I filled the lines with colours that made my artworks more textured and added classical emotions to it.Using charcoal Made them bold in some like they are put in the bigscreen. The dimension changed gradually and the works became more talkative day by day.

Red & Pink

Playing with lines made me find my own lines and its musical language. Ones own line of any form can make him or her bring more harmony n magic in creativity. The way the lines naturally attracted me and made me dive deep into it, helped me work long with this series. The duration of series is the outcome. Knowing own lines is must to work with independence, Like nature.

The more we date with nature, the more we discover the roots of the “LINES OF LIFE”.


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For Calendar and Other Print Use – USD 100 Per Image (MOQ-05 Images)

Originals – USD – 1000 to 2500 (Depend on the Lines)


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